Mark & Cindy Kolchin

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Cindy and I were commended to the Lord’s work by the believers at Bethany Bible Chapel in Feb, 1993. I came to faith in Christ through the teen group ministry after hearing the Gospel over a period of months. I did not have the benefit of growing up in a Christian home. Even though I had a denominational church upbringing, the Gospel of Christ was not presented that I could remember, and our family soon lost interest in attending services at that location. However, through the providence of God, I was invited to a youth group event at Bethany by people who took a strong interest in me and wanted me to hear the Gospel message and God’s plan of salvation. At the age of 17, I came to faith in Christ, understanding I was a sinner in need of salvation and put my faith and trust in Him alone.

In contrast, Cindy had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home, trusting the Lord as her Savior as a young child and being grounded in the Word in her home assembly of Olny Gospel Hall in Philadelphia, PA. Her parents Ed and Marge Moon owned a second home on Long Beach Island (Ocean County, NJ) and periodically visited the assembly at Bethany during the summer months. After graduation from high school, Cindy attended Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa. Upon graduation from there, she moved back with her parents who then moved permanently to NJ and regularly attended Bethany. Cindy became a vital part of the youth ministry at Bethany in both the Teen, College and Career and other chapel ministries.

In 1993, after a two-year period of meeting with the elders for prayer and guidance while we waited on the Lord for His direction, we were called into “full-time” ministry to serve Him by faith. This occurred in in Feb., 1993. We were commended to the grace of God and to serve Him as He leads, trusting in Him alone for His daily provision for our financial needs. God has been faithful to meet those needs throughout the entire time we have served Him.

Currently, we are engaged in a ministry to the Lord’s people in a variety of ways. Primarily, this is through conference and Bible teaching ministry on my part, mainly in the United States and Canada and for both of us through organizing conferences and special events to edify and encourage the Lord’s people. In 1995, we organized Know the Word Ministries Inc., a federally-recognized 501 (c) 3 non-profit, established in 1995 to encourage the personal study and application of the Scriptures and to strengthen the Lord’s people through thee conferences, seminars and other special events. An internet ministry is also maintained at

We appreciate the prayers of the Lord’s people as we seek to faithfully serve Him and to build up the Body of Christ.

“for we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus our Lord and ourselves your servants for Jesus sake” 2 Cor. 4:5

Dr Patrick and Sherry Coleman

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Patrick was born and raised in the Los Angeles area of California. He moved to Lubumbashi, Zaire, (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1985. In 1991 he was evacuated from Lubumbashi because of civil unrest. Patrick based his family in Luanshya, Zambia.

Sherry was born and raised in a Jewish home in New Jersey. She came to know the Lord as her Messiah and personal Saviour when she was 17. She came to Zambia in 1990 to administrate a correspondence Bible school. She also taught in area schools and in churches.

They met and were married on August 1, 1997.

Today both Patrick and Sherry Coleman serve the Lord together in Zambia. Their ministry responsibilities have grown. They own and operate the Lighthouse Children’s Home with six AIDS orphans, they have opened their personal library to the public in Luanshya through the Christian Resource Centre, Sherry still has a correspondence Bible school and Patrick still works with local church leaders as well as serving in leadership at Fellowship Chapel in Luanshya.  For more information

Justin and April Gauvain

April was born in Louisiana on September 10th, 1992. Her parents, church members, and family friends continuously taught her about the truth and the love of God. When she was eight years old, by God’s power and grace, April recognized her need for a Savior. She believed in Jesus, was baptized, and grew up attending church and Sunday School/Youth Group. Unfortunately, April’s idea of being a Christian was more about ‘being good’ than about knowing Him and making Him known. In college, however, God graciously began drawing her heart to know Him more. She began spending more time in His presence, producing in her a desire to share the Gospel in her university and wherever else God would call her. God led her to participate in various missions trips and projects and in her third summer of college, He opened the door for her to go and live in a village in Africa. April immediately fell in love with the people, realizing that this nation was truly unreached. Though she spoke to hundreds of women and children that summer, she could count on one hand the number of those who had heard the name ‘Jesus’. After graduating college, and through much prayer, April realized God was leading her to return to Africa. Arriving in August 2014, she began her two-year term teaching at a Christian school there. Not too long after, April met a young man from New Jersey.

Justin was born in Beachwood, New Jersey on October 11th, 1988. He grew up attending Bethany Bible Chapel with his parents Bob and Liza Gauvain and his older brother, Jeremy. The Lord saved Justin at an early age, and he continued to grow and learn more about the Gospel of Jesus. In high school, Justin began getting involved with several worldly things – things that would only satisfy him temporarily. During his first year of college, Justin’s placement on the soccer team led to much popularity and also more false ideas of satisfaction. It was in the middle of the night, after Justin returned from a party, that God transformed his life completely. The Lord was laying questions on his heart that he may have never asked himself before: « Am I truly satisfied with my life? » « Can God forgive me of all the wrong I did? » It was then when the cross of Jesus Christ was made glorious to Justin and where he had found the forgiveness for his sins. It wasn’t until two months later when he attended teen week at Pine Bush Bible Camp where he gave his life completely over to God. He was changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Three years later God led him to start praying for Africa. It was through prayer, the counsel of Godly men/women, and God’s Word where Justin was led to serve God in Africa.
It was September 2014, after living in Africa for two years, where Justin met April. They were engaged in January 2015 and married July 11, 2015. They were commended by Bethany Bible Chapel to serve the Lord in Africa. Justin and April are a part of ROCHE, an international children’s ministry created through ROCK International ( Currently, they are involved in children/youth ministry. Justin coaches soccer and teaches sports at a local school, while April teaches English and Literacy classes at the ROCHE Youth Center. Both help organize and teach lessons at two kids clubs throughout the week. Both are involved with the local church plant (Justin is in the preaching rotation and April helps with music and teaching Sunday School). Justin and April also spend time visiting neighbors, friends, and church members in hopes to share the Gospel or encourage believers.

Please pray for the Gauvains to have boldness and endurance as they serve the Lord in Africa, that they would look more like Christ every day, and that all that they do would be for the glory of God.

Emmaus Prison Ministry

Emmaus Correspondence School sends our Bible study courses to all the jails and prisons in NJ.  We have around 500 students at any given time, and a curriculum of over 70 courses.  We believe that God’s word can do things that are humanly speaking, impossible.  We send His word into dark and difficult places, where there is little comfort or hope.  There, God works.  One student wrote, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The name of ECS is well known.  You have no idea how much impact you are making by God’s leading you in your work.”