Chapel Ministries

  • Ladies Bible Study (AM & PM); Thurs Ladies Missionary Class
  • Friday AM Men’s Bible study
  • Wed Prayer and Bible study
  • Emmaus Prison Ministry
  • Special Events Ministry (midweek luncheons, Sight & Sound trips, Community Bible studies etc.)

Health Needs

  • Ed Moon – healing from a fractured pelvic bone
  • Donna Tirado – dealing w possible gastro/gallbladder issues
  • Elaine Kretzmer – recovering from hip surgery
  • Marilyn Jenkins – recent hospital stay
  • Frank Hilbrandt – re-hospitalized
  • Ruth Brown – in hospice
  • Sue Gilham – mother is in hospice
  • Millie Cobucci – ongoing medical issues returning to Boca
  • Florence Carolonza – ongoing health issues
  • Allen and Pat Dey-as she heals from her leg injury/return to Fla
  • Mike Benjamino ­– has returned home from the hospital
  • Millie Cobucci – ongoing medical issues returning to Boca
  • Justin and April Gauvain and safe, healthy delivery of child
  • Barry Pavesi, Fran Pavesi’s son with recent issues from surgery

Spiritual Matters

  • For our shut-ins – Dave Chambers, Irene Rush, Ralph Monahan, Derrick and Cynthia Lee, Marie Pritchard
  • Assembly commended workers in their respective ministries the Kolchins, the Colemans, the Gauvains
  • Ministry of the Word – pray for the weekly platform ministry
  • For visitors coming in – made welcome
  • For the work of the elders – for wisdom and guidance
  • For the work of the Lord overseas – for service organizations for protection of the Lord’s servants as they share the Gospel

For our Country & elected officials for a spiritual awakening; for those in our nation who are going thru effects of natural disasters

“rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, rejoice in all things” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18