• Ministry of the Word – pray for our weekly speakers and for the Word shared that it will both encourage/challenge listeners and reach those who need the Lord.
• For assembly commended workers – Colemans, Gauvains, and Kolchins and their respective ministries.
• For the work of the Lord overseas – for protection of the Lord’s servants as they share the Gospel “in regions beyond”
• Special events ministry that also reaches into the community (midweek luncheons, Sight and Sound trips, Bible study etc.)
• For the work of the elders – for wisdom and guidance

• Josh Bechtle – Jim Bechtle’s grandson Josh who was involved in a swimming pool accident and has experienced partial paralysis. Pray that he would have a complete recovery including the full use of his legs.
• Mike Benjamino ¬– despite a recent set back, his kidneys are slowly getting better. Continue to pray for Mike and Patti.
• Pat Dey-still experiencing some issues related to her leg injury
• Faye Cerillo – in assisted-living in Crestwood Manor
• Sherry Coleman – continuing to receive therapy for her shoulder
• Theresa Jacobs – continuing to do well

• Ladies Bible Study (AM & PM); Thurs Ladies Missionary Class
• For the Friday AM Men’s Bible study

FOR SHUT-INS: John and Ruth Brown, Dave Chambers, Norman Fiess, Frank Hilbrandt; Derrick & Cynthia Lee; Charlie Myers; Marie Pritchard; and Irene Rush
FOR OUR COUNTRY and elected officials-for a spiritual awakening
“rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, rejoice in all things” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18